What is a sugar baby and should I become one?

What is a sugar baby

While some of us may be familiar with the Sugar Daddy term, many of us may be asking “what is a sugar baby and how do they compare?”. On paper, the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby arrangement, often deemed “Sugaring,” is a relationship in which young and attractive women. Beautiful, intelligent and classy college students, aspiring actresses or models enters into an arrangement with a financially established gentleman .

What a Sugar Baby is Not

Sugar Relationships are as varied as the people who enter into them. Every person has different needs, wants, and desires. A successful Sugar arrangement often works so well because both people who enter into it are honest about what they want out of the relationship right from the start.

A Sugar Baby is by no means a prostitute. There is never an exchange of sex for money. Depending on two people’s needs, a physical component may not even be part of the relationship. A Sugar Baby is not a gold digger. The value a Sugar Baby brings to a relationship in terms of companionship and personality often matches any compensation or gifts offered.

No Two Relationships are the Same

In any Sugaring relationship, a Sugar Baby always provides companionship. What this entails is going to be different for every person and every relationship. A Sugar Daddy may be looking for anything ranging from just a sexual relationship, to casual dating, to a more serious monogamous relationship.

The type of arrangement decided on is going to depend heavily on what both parties are looking for and what stage they are at in their lives.

A sugar daddy doesn’t always have to be an older man. Well established younger men are more frequently looking to Sugaring as a way to escape the drama and uncertainty of traditional relationships.

Sugar Daddies may be married or single, divorced or never married, younger or older. Their needs are as varied as their lifestyles, and no two Sugaring relationships are going to have the same terms.

Similarly, no two Sugar Babies are going to be the same. Never think that only very beautiful women can become Sugar Babies. There are many different aspects of attraction and many ways to be beautiful. Leading a rich, fulfilling life full of hobbies, friends, and passions is a very attractive quality.

If you can bring value to the relationship and another person’s life, this is oftentimes just as beautiful as physical features.

What Does a Sugar Baby Look Like?

So what is a Sugar Baby in terms of appearance? When you finally are able to meet with a potential Sugar Daddy in person, don’t overdo it. Your hair and makeup should be fresh, but realistic. Confidence is just as attractive as physical beauty. Be prepared to honestly express your needs and expectations for the relationship, right from the first date.

If you are willing to enter a physical relationship, be sure to define your terms. You are under no pressure to provide a physical relationship right at the start, especially not on the first date. Withholding for a time will only increase your mystery.

Sometimes, your personality, company, flirtation, and attention are all a Sugar Daddy is looking for in terms of a relationship, and these are equally as important as any physical looks.

Know Who You are and What You Want

What is a sugar baby in terms of personality? Many men are entering the Sugar lifestyle to remove themselves from the uncertainty and drama of a traditional relationship. If you are looking for someone to settle down with, or you flourish in stressful, dramatic situations, the Sugaring lifestyle isn’t for you. You should know who you are and what you want before you begin Sugaring.

Right from the start of a Sugaring relationship, both parties communicate their needs and wants openly and honestly before setting terms for the relationship. You need to be able to vocalize these things for yourself.

If you are upfront about your needs and expectations, and if you can own your sexuality, Sugaring can be a very empowering experience for you as a woman. Confidence shows that you have dreams and ambition.

Value Honesty & Communication

Women are often encouraged to use their sexuality to an advantage, especially when attracting a mate. Drama, dishonesty, manipulation, and disloyalty, and are often unfortunately a part of traditional relationships. These actions have no place in a successful Sugaring arrangement.

In order for you to experience the best, more successful Sugaring relationship, you should be honest in your communication in order to set your standards in the terms laid out.

Some people will tell you that in order to get what you want from a Sugar Daddy you should portray a flirty, unrealistic personality and omit information on purpose. Chances are if you’re going to operate like this, you are going to end up with an unsatisfactory relationship with a person who doesn’t meet your needs or desires.

If your honesty is going to compromise your ability to retain a Sugar Daddy, then he isn’t the right person to be with and he doesn’t deserve a relationship with you. A great Sugar relationship will never be about you compromising your best qualities, your integrity and your openness.


What is a Sugar Baby in terms of Community? If you decide the Sugaring lifestyle is something you want to pursue, it can be a challenging commitment because of the stereotypes often tied to this type of relationship. You don’t have to feel guilt over your choice of relationship or partner.

Having a supportive community will help you get through the hard times. There are large Sugar Baby communities online. Use these platforms to meet new people and make friends. Share advice and learn from other people’s experiences.


In answering, “What is a sugar baby?” and is it the right lifestyle choice for you, you have to weigh your options. Just jumping into a Sugaring lifestyle before you educate yourself properly is a quick way to get hurt, be used, or put yourself in unsafe situations. If you do think this would be fun try check out our list of the Best Sugar Baby Sites To Try.

Sugaring isn’t just about making some quick cash or taking that dream vacation you always wanted but couldn’t afford. Sugaring is about two real people entering into a real relationship with each other. Be sure you are prepared for it.

Many people do enter into a Sugaring relationship and find it to be a great experience. Be sure to evaluate all parts of your lifestyle, personality, and intent to understand for yourself if Sugaring is right for you.

How is seeing a Sugar Daddy, even part time, going to affect your ability to have other, typical relationships, during, or after? Where do you stand in your principals? How well do you know yourself? Are you ready to get involved with someone who you’re often going to feel unequal to because of the age difference or the difference in financial situations?

Where are your boundaries and are you prepared to set them? What are your true expectations, needs, desires, and wants?

If you’re ready to dive into Sugaring, after some honest self-evaluation, educate yourself on the best way to find a Sugar Daddy. No matter what kind of relationship you are seeking to enter into, be sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and keep yourself safe. Visit Sugar Baby Dating Sites